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General Netting

Sanctuary, Anthony.  Rope, Twine and Net Making. Shire Album 51.  Shire Publications Ltd: Buckinhamshire, 1996.  ISBN 0-85263-918-X

Pictures of the methods for making three different netting knots.

Fox, Sally (researcher & editor). The Medieval Woman: An Illuminated Book of Days.  New York Graphic Society: New York; or Little, Brown & Co.: Boston, 1985.

A 15th Century image of a woman netting with the net attached to a hook on the wall.

Wyss, Robert L. 'Die Handarbeiten der Maria.' "Artes Minores: Dank an Werner Abegg." 121-123. Bern: Verlag Staempfli & Cie, 1973.

An image of a woman netting off the top of a pole.


Bassee, Nicolas.  German Renaissance Patterns for Embroidery: a Facsimily copy of Nicolas Bessee’s New Modelbuch of 1568.  Curious Works Press: Austin, 1994. ISBN 0-9633331-4-3

Woodcuts, some appropriate for needlelace or lacis.

Brooke, Margaret L.  Lace in the Making: with Bobbins and Needle.  Robin & Russ Handweavers: McMinnville, 1975.  Reprinted from George Routledge & Sons Ltd.: Great Britain, 1923. No ISBN

Mostly instructional with some history at the end of the book

Earnshaw, Pat.  Threads of Lace from Source to Sink.  Gorse Publications: Guildford, 1989. ISBN 0-9513891-1-4

Although this book uses lace as examples, it’s really more about fibers,  processing and spinning for fine threads.  The term lace is used very loosely; examples include knitted, looped, and woven structures in addition to bobbin and needle-made lace.

Grafton, Carol Belanger.  Pictorial Archive of Lace Designs: 325 Historic Examples.  Dover Publications: New York, 1989.  ISBN 0-486-26112-3

Excellent examples, but there are no identifications of source or timeperiod which make the book difficult to use if you don’t already know a bit about lace techniques and styles.

Vinciolo, Federico.  Rennaissance Patterns for Lace Embroidery and Needlepoint: An unabridged facsimile of the “Singuliers et nouveaux pourtraicts” of 1587.  Dover Publications: New York, 1971.  ISBN 0-486-22438-4

Very little text; just pictures of lace from 1587.

Medieval & Renaissance Hairnets

[no author given; written by committee!] _Stof uit de Kist: De
middeleeuwse textielschat uit de abdij van Sint-Truiden_. Provinciaal
Museum voor Religieuze Kunst, Begijnhofkerk, Sint-Truiden. Leuven:
Uitgeverij Peeters, 1991.

Seven colorful hairnets.

Crowfoot, Elisabeth; Pritchard, Frances; and Staniland, Kay. Textiles and Clothing c. 1150-1450. Medieval Finds from Excavations in London 4. Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London: 1992.

Several 13th-14th century hairnets.

Flury-Lemberg, Mechthild. Textile Conservation and Research. Abegg-Stiftung Bern, Switzerland: 1988.

Page 262 contains a 16th C. German child's hairnet of gold (wrapped filament) thread done with a macrame-style knotting.

Websites on Netting

http://www.silkewerk.com - A page on 14th Century Silk Women by Cindy Myers (Mistress Emmelyne in the SCA). Shows a starting method for doing Medieval hairnets, excellent pictures of how to do the netting knot for thread, and how to increase by using meshes from the previous row.

http://www.lmsca.org.uk/lmsca212.htm - LMS Carriage Association, renovators of train compartiments. Shows a starting method using slip knots and the Fisherman's Knot for joining threads.

http://www.knotsindeed.freeservers.com/index.html - Fairly comprehensive site on netting. Shows two netting methods, one for thread and one for thicker string

http://www.norskfolke.museum.no/prosjekt/WebStar/katalog.html - contains a video of a woman netting with a shuttle and the net attached to a windowsill, and another woman doing a different sort of netting that looks more like macrame. Site unfortunately seems to be broken.

Sources for Netting Shuttles

Very fine netting needles, long ballpoint needles for darning filet net as well as premade and made-to-order knotted net for filet lace (in case you give up on making your own):

Filet Lace by the Sea - http://hometown.aol.com/filetlace/Welcome.html

Netting needles and larger plastic netting shuttles::

Lacis - http://www.lacis.com

Larger plastic shuttles only:

The Mannings - http://www.the-mannings.com

Brush Creek Woolworks - BCWW@shol.com

The Woolery - http://www.woolery.com

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