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Meet AnneLiese:

Mistress AnneLiese Wolkenhaar is a 15th century woman from near Ulm who runs a busy household while her husband, a cotton merchant, travels to Venice.  Her father owns a linen weaving shop and she is known for her linen spinning and weaving, as well as her general enthusiasm about all things textile.  In the SCA she has an Award of Arms, has been inducted into the Order of the Maunche for spinning, the Order of the Laurel for textile arts, and the Order of the Troubadour for her work with the Anvil Chorus, a small madrigal group.
AnneLiese also has an alter-ego in the SCA named Fujiwara no Aki-ame (not to be confused with Fujiwara no Aoi, her sister).  She married the samurai-born Matsuyamaji Mokurai and now heads a Japanese household called Matsuyama. Matsuyama Mokurai takes Fujiwara no Aki-ame as wife, officiated by Kujika

AnneLiese is known outside of the SCA as Jennifer Munson. Jennifer is a computer professional who has done desktop, NT, and UNIX support and currently works at Air Products. She lives with her husband Eric and three cats in a big old house in Pennsylvania, USA.

Me warping my loom (12-harness Ullman countermarche)

Pictures of my work

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The House - 1870's Italianate style brick house

Matsuyama Clan site - our little SCA Household

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