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We're expecting our first child on October 4th, and this page is mainly for the family members who can't be here to brag to in person!

Baby's first ultrasounds were taken on Friday, March 28th. He/She was determined to be 12 weeks, 6 days based on the measurement from head to rump. Here is the first picture I saw of the baby with the hash marks where the ultrasound tech marked the head & rear for measurements:

Back View
That's only about 3 inches between those hash marks!

Next I'll show you my favorite picture of the baby (so far!):
Side View

And here is a picture of the baby with a thumb or finger in its mouth:
Sucking Finger

They tell me that the baby's face will look more like a baby after it grows a little more... in the meantime, Eric thinks this picture looks like Spawn.
Baby Face

And the last two are very interesting... they show a second embryo that stopped growing at 7 weeks. Apparently it's not uncommon for two eggs to get fertilized and start growing; they've only just discovered HOW common it is since women have started getting early ultrasounds. Anyway, Eric and I are both a little relieved not to have twins.
The other Embryo
The other Embryo with Baby on top

Isn't it amazing to think that only five or six weeks ago, Baby was as small as that??

Stay tuned for future developments... my next ultrasound should be around 20 weeks, so maybe at the end of May we'll have more pictures!

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