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Fiber Bibliography:

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*THE modern source on linen spinning & weaving

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*All pre-SCA but such fun reading (and you can't beat the title)

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*Mostly focuses on 19th century, but has some great pictures of Medieval and Medieval-style linens.

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*Features one itsy-bitsy charred piece of linen in a really neat weave.

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*Great pictures of harvesting and processing flax.

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*THE best all-round historical AND how-to book on natural dying. Jim Liles is a fellow re-enactor (albeit 18th century) who understands the importance of maintaining traditional methods and produces amazing colors with them.

Markham, Gervase, The English Housewife. McGill-Queen's University Press, Buffalo: 1986. ISBN 0-7735-0582-2 (cloth) 0-7735-1103-2 (paper) [First Edition printed by Roger Jackson, 1615]
*Good almost-period source of instructions on growing and processing flax for fabric. Support my ancestors!

Wild, S. P., Textile Manufacture in the Northern Roman Provinces. Cambridge University Press, 1970. ISBN 0521074916
The title says it all - this is an in-depth study of Roman Era textiles with tables of archaeological finds of textiles and their related tools; whorls, distaffs, loom weights, wool combs, etc.

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