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Sample list of A&S Categories with Abbreviations

General Categories:

Cos  - Costuming
Acc - Accessories (including Jewelry)
EM - Embroidery
WF - Woven and non-woven fabric construction
SD - Spinning and Dyeing
LW - Leatherworking
WW - Woodworking
MW - Metalworking
AW - Armor and Weapons
DPS - Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, and Carving
Cal - Calligraphy
Ill - Illumination
Ck - Cooking
BVC - Brewing, Vintning, and Cordials
PA - Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Spoken)
RP - Research Papers
WA - Written Arts (Poetry and Prose)
Misc - Miscellaneous

Optional categories or sub-categories to consider:

Costuming pre-1000
Costuming 1000-1450
Costuming 1450-end of period
Costuming for Combat
Sciences (Astrology, Astronomy, Physics, Medicine, etc.)
Lighting (lamps, candles, etc.)
Composition (Music, Dance, Poetry, etc.)
Make up your own as appropriate

Needleworking Categories:

A - Applique
BW - Blackwork
CW - Canvaswork
CL - Couching & Laidwork
CT - Counted Thread
FE - Free Embroidery
L - Lacis
MT - Metal Thread
NL - Needlelace
OW - Openwork
PW - Padded Work
S - Smocking

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